Friday, September 24, 2010

Footie Babylegs from Knee socks

This is a tutorial for making footed baby legs from adult sized knee socks like the ones pictured above. The socks in this tutorial were purchased at Target.

Step 1: Measure the baby's foot
My toddler's foot is about 5 to 5.5 inches long. It's hard to get an exact measurement since he's always on the go.

Step 2: Cut the foot off the sock- add a quarter an inch to the length of your child's foot(to allow for the seam and the rolling of the knit) and then measure that distance from the toe. This is where you make your first cut. ***Please note*** the knit will stretch in these socks, so if you want a sock that fits a little better you can cut the sock the length without adding for seam allowance and they will stretch to fit, but remember- it's easy to cut a little more off and move the seam to make it smaller, but you can't add the fabric back on. It's better to start big and cut down.

Step 3: Then cut out the portion from the heel to the remainder of the foot. Try to cut diagonally from the point of the heel to the top, so you are cut out with a wedge shaped piece. This will help keep the shape of the heel and curve the finished sock, so it's not just a tube.
Step 4: Turn the leg part of the sock inside out and tuck the toe part inside (don't turn that part inside out) so that the right sides are together and the openings are lined up. I make sure that the toe seam is on top and the heel is lined up carefully so that the sock curves properly. Pin around the opening.
**The picture below is how your toe would look inside the leg portion if you could see it, but the heel would be lined up*****
Step 5: Sew around the opening taking care to line up the heel. There is a generous seam allowance, but the closer you follow to the curve of the heel, the more curve your finished sock will have in it. Repeat with other foot.
Step 7: Turn right side out- voila! You're done!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonderful Trip to ABQ

This is a little belated, but I just wanted to mention our wonderful trip to Albuquerque. We had so much fun- we went to the Zoo, the Explora Museum, the art museum! We went swimming, and out to eat, and on long drives in pretty scenery. We visited the land Molly and David bought in Taos. Treva and Chris's wedding was beautiful, and she looked stunning! It was at a charming hacienda in Madrid. The best part was as we all danced the evening away after good food (and an open bar) the sun set in the valley below us and lit up the sky in fantastical shades of orange and pink. People danced really late, and it got pretty wild (although I confess I was asleep for the wildest part, having the baby with us and all). I was amazed that I actually got to sit through the whole ceremony. Granted it wasn't very long, but Zach didn't cry once!
Apparently a vacation was just the motivation he needed to start walking because I left with a baby and came home with a TODDLER! I can't believe he started really walking while we were there and now there is no stopping him. He thinks since he can now walk, that he can also climb anything. The couch, the playstructres at the park, ect. He is even getting into the toddler stage where he gets mad if I try to help him too much. For example, yeaterday at the park he climbed the playstructure and when I tried to "spot" him to make sure he didn't fall 5 feet to the ground, and when I wouldne't let him jump off the side he got mad, and started crying. He got over it quickly when he realized he was able to go down the slide. He chose to go down the slide feet first on his stomach though. Then he became obsessed with climbing back up the slide and going down again over and over.
Zach also had a birthday party while we were there- actually two of them! One at Leba and Dr. Elliot's house and one at Molly's. He got a lot of great presents, and we read some of the books he got on the way home over and over. He also got a great big pool (thanks Cathleen!) that we are planning on using this Friday when we have the Playgroup here. We're going to have a pool party! :)
Overall it was a great trip with very minimal drama, despite tha fact that Zach cut 4 molars at once while we were there.
Since coming home I have gotten back into the swing of It has helped me to get reorganized and refocused. I hope everyone else is doing well too!
Sadly I don't have many pics of our trip as my camera broke!! :(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A busy May

We have had a fantastic and busy May so far! I've been enjoying the playgroup I started with two other moms. So far we only meet once every other week, but I think as we get more people, we'll up the number of meetings. I have also been going to the La Leche Leauge meetings, which are fantastic and I LOVE them. As most of you probably know, we have decided on extended breastfeeding, which means I'll be breastfeeding Zach at least until age two, possibly three.
I also had a meeting with an obstetrician to talk about future pregnancies. He thinks that once I reach my goal weight I should have as many more kids as we want! It's fantastic news, since we weren't sure I would be able to have more. The Dr. said that as there's no telling if I'll get preeclampsia again or not, but that my care will be very different next time. This is also a new doctor.
Elliot is getting a promotion at work, which includes a %6 minimum raise! He's such a great provider and companion. I am so happy we got married. I can't think of a more sensitive, caring and laid back guy. He and Zach are really starting to play together too.
Zach is so close to walking. I have been saying that for months, but he truly is now!! He's got a great sense of humor and is always laughing about something. He keeps me on the go though, since he likes to have a new activity every 15 minutes. He really enjoys being outdoors, so we often spend the afternoon at the park, or working in the yard.
I have decided to try and get the city to allocate a space for a community garden. It's still in the planning stage for me, but so far the plan is to get the support of the local garden club, then get signatures and talk to the city building and planning department. I may also attend the city council meetings. I think it would be great for the city to have a community garden where people and children can learn how to grow their own food. That's most of what I've been up to the past month. I have also been sewing a ton, but I think my old kenmore is giving out. Some of the knobs have stopped working. I may have to start saving for a new sewing machine.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy Busy!!

I have been keeping super busy! I have been sewing up a storm!
I've made dresses and skirts and diapers and wipes, and all kinds of stuff! I have also started all of my seeds for this year's garden, and planted a few veggie plants I got at home depot. My car is now working again, so I am able to go places during the day, which is nice. I have started a playgroup (or at least I'm trying to!) so that Zach can make some friends.
I've been planning Zach's first birthday party, which will be in New Mexico when we're there for Treva's wedding. It's going to be pretty fun! I am even making him a costume to wear!

For those of you not on facebook, you can see pictures and videos of us in my picasa album!
Here is the link:

Be sure to click on the little icons to view each album!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trip to Northern California



We just got home from our trip to see some family up in Nor. Cal. We stayed with my dad and his girlfriend Sandi, and on friday Dad, Elliot, Zach and I went to the Oakland zoo. It's the zoo I used to frequent as a child, and it brought back many fond memories. I remembered riding the giant golden metal lions near the entrance, and using the "key" that they give children to listen to fascinating facts about the animals. It has grown since I was last there though, and the larger animals now have much more space, and there are more exhibits overall as well. Zach enjoyed himself for the first hour (although probably not as much as I did!) and then fell asleep. But I loved being up in the hills in oakland. The smell of eucalyptus and acacia trees and the greenery all around was so refreshing. I think people who live in that area don't always realize how truely beautiful all the plants and wildlife there can be. I even saw a seagull! And the air in San leandro smells so great- like the bay and orange trees. Other than the traffic, I think it's pretty nice there! Elliot was not to happy with the number of U turns he had to do while driving to get to our destinations though.
After the zoo we got to spend the evening in good company. We had a wonderful visit with my brother and my dad's high school friend Tom over a delicious dinner of turkey and fingerling potatos. We got to listen to some music my brother has been composing on his computer which was entertaining. We topped the evening off with a video on baby massage, which Zach seemed to enjoy.
The next day we visited my Aunts house (although she was out of town) and had a little party with my mother and grandmother there. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from my mom's Aunt Geri (her father's sister) and some friends Ray and Julie. We had a good day, and spent some time swapping gifts, and talking. Elliot was abig fan of my Aunt and Uncle's pool table and now thinks we need one. But we have no room for one. Oh well. We went out for dinner to a favorite childhood eatery, called the Hickory pit. The last time I went to one (when I was a child) it caught on fire while we were there. It was scary! Anyhow, dinner was less eventful. Elliot and I shared a plate of ribs and tri tip that was yuummy, and Zach had some corn and beans. The drive home was long and we are all tired, but in a good way!
When we got here my new serger, some fabric, Elliot's valentine's day gift (knife making stuff) and a new diaper from Elliot's Aunt Cathleen had all arrived in our absence. Luckily we have a fantastic pet sitter who brought it all in for us. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bad dream

LAst night I had horrible dreams. I dreamt that I couldn't find Zach. When I finally figured out where he was, he was at the hospital. I called them and they told me he had gone into congestive heart failure. I told them to fix it, and then they told me it was too late and he had died. After screaming into the phone and crying for a long time, I had to tell my own mother, who was somehow here with me. Then I went to pick up his body, only to discover he wasn't actually dead, just blue. So I did some chest compressions (as in CPR) and he was okay. But it didn't last, and he had to be airlifted back to the hospital from our house. When they came to get him, they dangled down this strap that I was supposed to tie around him, and they lifted him up up and away. I remember watching his scared little face get farther and farther away and thinking about how much I loved him. I was so sad and scared. I'm not sure what happened because I woke up, but the raw emotion of that dream was so real and I still feel really sad and scared. I'm glad it was just a dream, but I hate it when I have bad dreams like that.
On a happier note, Zach is now CRAWLING!! And he says Mama all the time. HE can also clap and we're working on waving. As soon as I can I'll try to get a video of him crawling up! I cannot wait for this weekend, when we get to go see my dad On friday/saturday and my mom and aunt on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wool in one

Here is my pattern for a wool diaper cover from old suit coats, along with directions on how to make it have a snap in liner so it's a wool-in-one with interchangeable liner! Please keep in mind I have not as of yet tested the snap part since I don't have snap pliers (they're on the way!). I have made the cover, and it was super cute!

Regan Wool-in-one diaper pattern directions

Made from old wool coats, this diaper has a snap in liner, and Velcro closings, making diaper changes a breeze! This pattern is also highly customizable. Here are some options:

**If using wool coats or suits, you best option is to use two layers, as most wool coats are fairly thin. However, you may also use one thicker coat in a single layer, or a very felted sweater, and bind the edges with wool jersey or fold over elastic.

**The snap in liner may be sewn in a variety of ways. You may sew two layers and turn and topstitch as the directions say, or you may sew one layer and bind the edges. Keep in mind that if you sew one layer, you will need to add soakers for absorbency, or just lay a prefold or insert inside.

**This pattern is for a size LARGE.

**If you don’t have a snap press, you can still make the cover from wool suit coats and omit the snap in liner.

** This pattern could also be serged instead of turned and topstitched, but the directions are written using a regular machine.

You will need:

-Two old wool coats, or pieces of wool approx 20” x 19”

-Two pieces of liner fabric can be flannel, Sherpa, microfleece, suedecloth, old t-shirst, anything you want really

-Fabric for soaker layer that needs to be something absorbent. You can also use a prefold cut and serged or hemmed for this if you want


-Snaps and pliers or press


-Polyester thread

Now to the directions:

  1. Print three copies of the pattern and cut along the outline of the cover on one, the outline of the liner on the second one, and the outline of the soaker layer on the third one. Alternatively, print out one copy of the pattern and cut it down as you cut your layers, starting with the cover, then the liner, and finally the soaker layer.
  2. Remove any lining on the wool coats. Cut the backs out and fo ld in half. Place pattern on fold where indicated and cut. Repeat with second coat.
  3. Fold liner fabric in half. Place pattern on fold where indicated and cut out. Repeat for second layer.
  4. Cut out soaker layer as follows:

You may use any material you like for your soaker, but this is how I do it. I take a piece of brushed flannel a little longer, and 4 times as wide as I want my final soaker. Then I take a microfiber terry cloth hand towel and fold in thirds and cut to proper length. Then I lay the hand towel on the edge of the flannel and fold the flannel as follows:

  1. The green is the hand towel and the thin black lines indicate a fold. Then Sew up the two ends. Not sewing down the center of the soaker allows for more flexibility in the soaker and makes it less stiff.
  2. Sew the soaker into one layer of flannel, sewing along the two ends of the soaker.
  3. Pin the right sides of the liner together. Mark which side face in and which faces out with a fabric pen. This will help you apply the snaps facing the right direction. Apply the snaps to the layer of the flannel that does not have the soaker layer sewn in. You may need to reinforce the fabric where the snaps are with a small strip of sturdy fabric on the inside. Repeat this step with the Cover layer, making sure to put the snaps facing the right way on the layer you want on the inside of the cover.
  4. Sew up the back and sides of the liner layer with right sides facing each other, leaving the top open. I left a large seam allowance in the pattern, so you don’t have to sew too close to the edge. Add the elastic, stretching as you sew, to the back and legs using zig zag stitch. Repeat this step for the cover. Clip the corners and trim excess fabric away.
  5. Turn right side out and iron if desired. Then topstitch around the entire liner, making a casing for, but not sewing over, the elastic in the legs. Also be sure to tuck down the fabric at the turning hole (front of liner) and be careful not to sew over the snaps, as this could break your needle and hurt you with flying debris. Repeat for cover.
  6. Add Velcro using a zig zag stitch (or snaps if desired) for closing to the cover only.
  7. Make however many more liners you want available.
  8. Handwash and lanolize wool cover.

That’s it! Now you can snap your liners into your wool cover and go! Personally I would make several covers so that one could air out between each diaper change, and I would make about 14 liners for a baby my son’s age (8 months).

Here is a link to the pattern. Make sure you are viewing it as large as possible (I think there is a zoom button) then copy and paste into paint. It should be about 19" x 10" (check under attributes) then print and measure with a ruler to make sure it is about 19-20" by 10" at the widest part. I am working to get a picture with a cleaner background up. Check back soon!!


Please note you can also download the picture(instead of copy and paste) using the button at the top of the page after opening the above link. You could also adjust the stretch and skew in paint to get a smaller size if you want one.

Feel free to make and distribute this pattern. You can even make and sell the wool in one diaper cover and liner, but please don't sell the pattern itself. Thanks and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My projects

I have many projects going on right now!
Felted Teddy Bear
-I have used bernat felting yarn (100% wool) to begin to knit my first teddy bear. I am more proficient at crochet, so this was a project to re-learn knitting as well before attempting my next project- a pair of shorties for Z. The bear so far is a heard, arms, body, and legs, stuffed. I still have to do the ears and nose, and embroider on facial features. Anyhow, after he's done I will list him for sale on Etsy.
-The next project I have going on is the recycling of several wool sweaters into longies and shorties (diaper covers). Wool is waterproof if lanolized and it does not smell like urine after using it a few times, so you only have to wash wool diaper covers once every two weeks or so. Anyhow, it is more natural than using plastic pants. SO I have made two pairs of longies and two shorties out of an old 100% merino wool sweater. I have one more sweater that I am still felting and cutting up that will be next in line, and the first four items are still drying after I lanolized them.
-My next project is refurbishment of 12 all in one diapers I got used online. I only paid shipping on them since the elastic and inner fabric was shot. So I am taking them apart (I love my seam ripper), cutting new fabric for the inner from soft turquoise fabric, then adding new elastic and stitching them back up. This is taking a while because 1) I don't get that much sewing time and 2) My sewing machine is in bad need of a tune up. My needles keep breaking and I think it is because there is something out of alignment and my needle is hitting the plate.
-Another project that I'm working on is making some diaper covers out of a bunch of fleece I got from the remnant bin at wal mart. This is fun and fast! I have already done two. Here is a picture of one of them- the other is a pair of longies.

I have lots of wonderful yarn that I got on sale at Joannes that I need to make into something, and I also got some beautiful alpaca yarm from my mom for christmas thet I am still trying to figure out what to do with. I love it an it's so soft, I want to make sure to use it for just the right project. I have done a little research and found that alpaca yarn is more "drapey" than wool, so it should be something that doesn't require stiff structure. Maybe that slouchy hat I wanted to make a while ago. Hmmm....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Play time and a new hat


Here are some great "freestlye" play time pictures:

And here are some of him in the newest hat I made him. It is very cute with a little rolled brim. It is still a little big, but he'll grow into it. It is made of peruvian wool (blue yarn) and baby alpaca/silk blend (red yarn-thanks Suki!), so it is super soft and warm.

And here is where he realized he was wearing a hat:
And here is where he decided to take it off:
And eat it.

And afterwards he dreamed peacefully of eating hats: